Sochi 2014 logo design

Sochi 2014 logo design

2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia

The official logo for the Winter Olympics is definitely more of a minimalistic design compared to previous years’ logos. It is defined as a “spartan blue font” ( from the font family Neo Tech (using According to the words sochi 2014 were meant to “reflect that Sochi is the meeting point between the sea and the mountains.” I feel that this is a stretch though. I mean before I read that, I never would have guessed it. I just looked at it as a mirror effect for more intrigue. Even now that I know that information I still don’t really see it, so I consider it a sort of stretch, but hey, it’s not my opinion that counts eh?!
This is also the first time that a logo actually has a web address incorporated into it as well. You can actually either go to or and they both redirect to (for those in the USA). Most people would just google sochi olympics in their address bar so it is speculated if the .ru was even a necessary addition to the logo. To me I look at it as a sort of tribute to how far the world has come into the digital age so i agree with it to a certain extent. If they had left the .ru and the olympic rings off, it would have been a much cleaner logo, but having them on there elongates the logo and adds more dimension to it. Overall, I’m impartial to the logo. I like it the way it is, but I also like it without the excess.


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